Open Source

I am a passionated software developer who love developing tools to make my life more efficient. Here are some stuff I made as open source projects.

The source code listed here are under GNU General Public license if it is not specified in the package/project. NO WARRANTY PROVIDED, AND USE ON YOUR OWN RISK.

Current Project


Open Source, cross platform raw yuv player and analyzer [Project page]

Projects from early days 1999-2002

DiskInfo Pro

Tool to visualize the usage your hard drive. It was part of SafeClean Utilities 2.0 shareware application. It was developed 1999 and tested mainly for windows 9x/2000. It seems to work fine under Windows 7 as well. :)

[Download binary] [Download source code]


Effective SourceSafe - shell extension for SourceSafe

A shell extension enabling basic SourceSafe functionalities in Windows shell

[Project page] [Download source code]

Add XP Visual Style Support to OWNERDRAW Controls

A wrapper class to use the visual style APIs available in Windows XP

[Project page]

A simple tabbed MDI for WTL

Add a simple tab control that shows the opened child windows in an MDI application

[Project page]

Pie Chart Control

This control creates a simple Pie Chart in a dialog in MFC

[Project page]

My first C++ project (1997)

Luffarschack (Five in a row)

This is my first ever serious C++ project, developed in Turbo C++ 1.0. I was studying in the 2ed grade in high school ;). 

To play the game, you need a DOS emulator, e.g., DOSBox.

[Download the game (source code included)]

Demo of game play